Dr. Deborah Hickling Gordon

Principal Consultant, Ink & Vision Ltd.

Dr. Deborah Hickling Gordon

Principal Consultant, Ink & Vision Ltd.
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Dr. Deborah Hickling Gordon is a culture-in-development consultant and advocate whose work intersects the disciplines media & communication; cultural & creative economy and behavior change. Through her consulting firm, Ink and Vision Ltd., Dr. Hickling Gordon is Principal Consultant on a team of experts who provide bridging, advocacy and research services for public, corporate and creative sectors. I+V also designs, develops and implements development communication campaigns and related media content.

Dr. Hickling Gordon’s work in comparative media and cultural policy in the Caribbean and Africa includes sitting on The United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) subregional expert group on Cultural and Creative Industries; and work in the development of local and regional CCI policy in Jamaica and the Caribbean. In 2017, Deborah was invited by Jamaica’s Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport to contribute to the crafting of its forthcoming Culture and Creative Economy Policy. Between 2014 –
2015, Dr. Hickling also led the inter-ministerial process of crafting Jamaica’s Creative Economy Policy Framework while serving as Conveynor of the National Cultural and Creative Industries Commission. She also Chaired the Inter-ministerial Technical Working Group for Cultural and Creative Industries within the Office of the Prime Minister and coordinated the activities of the Commission, chaired by the former Prime Minister.

The Culture-in Development Specialist is completing a visiting fellowship in Creative Economy Development at the University of the West Indies, Mona; where she lectures and supervises students in both business and cultural studies, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels; through the Mona School of Business and Management; and the Institute of Caribbean Studies
Dr. Hickling Gordon’s research and global advocacy addresses comparative cultural policy development related to audiovisual, cultural tourism and integrated marketing communication sub-sectors.

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