Day 1
09 Oct 2023
Day 2
10 Oct 2023
Day 3
11 Oct 2023
Day 4
12 Oct 2023
Day 5
13 Oct 2023

Security Briefing

Security briefing.

Destination Press Briefings

Destination press briefings for the media (Members of the Executive Committee).
12:00 - 13:30


Destination Press Briefings

Destination press briefings for the media for all other CTO member countries.

CTO Executive Committee Meeting

Meeting of the CTO Executive Committee.

Welcome Reception

Welcome Reception for government members and members of the media at Grace Bay.

Security Briefing

Security Briefing

Destination Tour for Members of the Media

Destination Tour for Members of the Media.

CTO Board of Directors Meeting

This meeting is for all members of the CTO Board of Directors.


Council of Tourism Ministers & Commissioners Meeting

Council of Tourism Ministers and Commissioners Meeting.

Dinner for Ministers

Dinner for CTO Council of Tourism Ministers and Commissioners at Parrot Cay.

Security Briefing

Security briefing.

Opening Ceremony

Opening ceremony for all delegates.    

Coffee Break

Keynote Introduction & Presentation

Keynote introduction and presentation: Sustainable Financing for Caribbean Tourism  
Dona Regis-Prosper
Angel Cárdenas Sosa


Ministerial Panel – Investment

Perspectives on investment trends, partnerships, and maximizing tourism growth.
Hon. E. Jay Saunders
Hon. Kenneth Bryan
Hon. Marsha T. Henderson
Hon. Ian Gooding-Edghill
Alvin Hegner
15:00 - 15:15


Message from the UNWTO

Message from the UNWTO on Green Investments.
Natalia Bayona

Fireside Chat – Investors

Strategies for positioning Caribbean tourism for new investment opportunities.
Louise Twining-Ward
Roxana Puente  
Stewart Howard

Review and Close

Review and close.

Security Briefing

Security Briefing.

Feature Presentation

Feature Presentation – Sustainability: The New Tool in the Destination Marketing Mix.
Doug Lansky
10:00 - 10:15

Coffee Break

Panel Discussion – Connectivity

Panel Discussion: Aviation Competitiveness in the Caribbean.
Hon. Charles ‘Max’ Fernandez
Peter Cerdá
Rafael Echevarne

Fireside Chat – Digital Transformation in Tourism

Fireside Chat: Digital Transformation in Tourism – a Roadmap for the Caribbean.
Professor Lloyd Waller


Panel Discussion – Diversification

Engaging the filmed entertainment industry to advance Caribbean tourism: Opportunities and Challenges.
Gabriel Saunders
Mark Walton
Renee Robinson
Brian O’Leary
Karen S. Whitt
15:15 - 15:30


Panel Discussion – Stakeholders Speak Out

Stakeholders speak out on the path towards tourism growth in the context of the TCI experience.
Ruth Forbes
James McAnally
Terrance Gibson

Conference Wrap Up

Conference wrap up and close.

Fish Fry for All Delegates

The Island Fish Fry occurs every Thursday from 5:30pm to 9:30pm at PTV Stubbs Diamond Plaza, Providenciales. The Island Fish Fry is the most sought-after weekly event and features over...
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Security Briefing

Security briefing.

Caribbean Tourism Youth Congress

The Caribbean Tourism Youth Congress is an integral part of CTO’s annual tourism conference and is a regional activity involving students between the ages of 14-17 from CTO member countries....
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CTO Press Conference & Wrap Up

CTO Press Conference and Wrap Up.