Nabeel Shariff

Founder & Director, Serendipity Tailormade & Luxury Halal Travel
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Nabeel Shariff

Founder & Director, Serendipity Tailormade & Luxury Halal Travel
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Nabeel is the founder and director of UK based Serendipity Tailormade and Luxury Halal Travel, the leading luxury halal friendly tour operator.

With a vision of bringing back the romance of travel to Muslim travellers, Nabeel brings his experience to a brand that has made innovative strides in the halal travel sector. In September 2014, the company evolved to launch their sister brand; Luxury Halal Travel. At Serendipity Tailormade, it is all about the experience for the most important person in the process; the traveller. From the people they meet, food they taste, sounds they hear and even luxuries in which they indulge in, the team uses their vast travel knowledge and experience for travellers to enjoy the world’s most wonderful sights and sounds.

Nabeel is an MCIM member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and has been involved in the travel industry for over 15 years, contributing to some of the UK’s largest tour operators. Beginning his career with one of the largest travel companies of the early 2000’s, Nabeel worked under Andrew Laurie and Rick Weber during his tenure at Stella Travel and Travelbag.

Nabeel then moved on to become the Head of Marketing at Sri Lanka Tourism for the UK and Ireland, working with key stakeholders in the travel trade, government and media to promote the Indian Ocean Island.

In 2010 the National Tourist Office was awarded the CIM Marketing Excellence Award through innovative marketing campaigns spearheaded by Nabeel. This was the first time an overseas national tourist office had won the coveted accolade.

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