Andrea L. de Caires

Director, Guyana Tourism Authority Board

Andrea L. de Caires

Director, Guyana Tourism Authority Board


Andrea has traveled extensively and enjoyed the experience of living and studying in Lusaka, Zambia.  For many years, Andrea was the Executive Vice President of Borghese, Inc., a $26 million USD (net) international cosmetic company based in New York.  In 2010, Andrea and her husband Salvador received the invitation to return to Salvador’s native Guyana to manage Karanambu Lodge for their dear friend, world renowned conservationist Diane McTurk.  Andrea never imagined that her 30 years of expertise in sales and marketing would translate into growing the tourism industry in Guyana.  Andrea served for 5 years as a Director on the Board of Karanambu Lodge Inc., and the past 5 years has served on the Executive Board of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG), first as a committee member, then two years as Vice President and currently in her second term as President of the Association. She also serves on the Guyana Tourism Authority Board of Directors and is the Chair of the Marketing Sub-committee. She is the Secretary of the North Rupununi Cluster, a business initiative between the “Community Owned and Operated” Eco Lodges of Rewa and Surama, along with Karanambu Lodge and Wilderness Explorers. This initiative received $500,000.00 USD in funding through COMPETE Caribbean. She also serves as the Associate Editor of the Explore Guyana Magazine.

In addition to her role as President of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana, Andrea holds the position of Product Development Specialist for Wilderness Explorers.  Together with her husband Salvador they serve as the Product Development team with a special focus on the development of “Community Owned and Operated Tourism” within the Hinterland of Guyana.  Their focus also entails upgrading the existing tourism product in Guyana, developing new tourism products and connecting Guyana to the Caribbean and all South America and the world!


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