Day 1
09 Oct 2017
Day 2
10 Oct 2017
Day 3
11 Oct 2017
Day 4
12 Oct 2017
Day 5
13 Oct 2017
Day 6
14 Oct 2017

Destination Press Briefings

Destination press briefings for the media in St Andrew room.

CTO Foundation Board Meeting

The main aim of the CTO Foundation is to provide opportunities for Caribbean nationals to pursue studies in the areas of tourism, hospitality and language training. The Foundation selects individuals...
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CTO Executive Committee Meeting

Meeting of the CTO Executive Committee in Greenery room.

Reception for Board, Ministers, Commissioners, Committee Members & Media

Reception for Board, Ministers, Commissioners and Committee Members and the media. Venue: Spice Island Beach Resort, Grand Anse, St George. Delegates should meet in the lobby at 6:45pm.

Destination Tour for Members of the Media

Destination Tour for Members of the Media.

Working Session of the CTO Board of Directors

Working Session of the CTO Board of Directors in the Trinidad room. Coffee break available for sponsorship

Joint Meeting – Council of Tourism Ministers & Board of Directors

Joint Meeting of the Council of Tourism Ministers and Commissioners and Board of Directors. Venue: Trinidad room.

Orientation ~ Travel Agents

Welcome, Orientation and Business Development Networking for Travel Agents.

Opening Ceremony

Opening ceremony in the Crown Ballroom.

Welcome Reception ~ All Delegates

Welcome reception for all delegates.

Keynote Address

Keynote Address for All Delegates at the Crown Ballroom.
Dorsey Levens

Infusing Dynamism in Caribbean Tourism

For the third straight year, Caribbean tourism arrivals outpaced the global average, yet our share of the global market is not growing, remaining steady at 2.4 per cent. Meanwhile, new...
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Josh Courtney
Caroline Gallichan-Hurley
Jennifer Hendry
Marla Dukharan

Coffee Break

Who Are The New Explorers?

The ever changing travel demographic means tourism practitioners must forever adapt to the evolving needs of travellers. Be it Generation Z, the Fifties, New Female Traveller or Hipsters, tomorrow’s travellers...
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Stephanie Oswald-Langlois
Barry Collymore

Sponsor’s Presentation Followed by Luncheon ~ All Delegates

Sponsor’s Presentation in Crown Ballroom followed by Buffet Luncheon for All Delegates in Tradewinds Restaurant. Available for Sponsorship  

Business Models that Rock!

As travel destinations and service operators seek to increase tourism intake, it is imperative that businesses design and deliver unique and authentic experiences that help them stand out from the...
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Francine Howard
Shadel Nyack Compton
Helen Beck
Jason T. Nichols

Turning Our Waters Into Goldmines – Investing in the Blue Economy

The contribution of the region’s marine resources to Caribbean economies is critically important, especially for small island developing states (SIDS) like those in the Caribbean, which have a narrow resource...
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Phil Saye
Dr. Eric Deans
Bob Hathaway

Orientation ~ Caribbean Youth Congress Participants

Welcome, Orientation and Presentation Preview for Caribbean Youth Congress Participants. Students between the ages of 14 and 17 from CTO member countries are invited to participate in the Congress and...
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Dinner ~ Media and Travel Agents

Dinner for Members of the Media and Travel Agents at Coyaba Beach Resort: Free Evening for All Other Delegates.

“Mix and Mingle” Reception

“Mix and Mingle” Reception for Government, Allied, Carrier and Affiliate Members at The Cabana, Mount Cinnamon: Available for Sponsorship.

Recover and Rebuild – the Future of Caribbean Tourism

This three hour program is designed to explore and examine the issues and key recommendations that should be considered as we seek to rebuild the Caribbean after the traumatic impact...
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Hon. Edmund Bartlett, C.D., M.P.
Justin Ram
Elizabeth Riley
Marie McKenzie
Jean-Marc Flambert
Marty St. George
Fernando Fernandez
hugh riley
Hugh Riley
Frank Comito

Hotel Site Inspection & Luncheon ~ Travel Agents

Hotel Site Inspections and Luncheon for Travel  Agents.

Destination Tour for Members of the Media Continued (Optional)

Destination Tour for Members of the Media continued (optional).

Destination Tour for General Delegates

Destination Tour for General Delegates. Download Pre and Post Tour document.

Luncheon & Destination Tour for Youth Congress Participants

Luncheon and Destination Tour for Youth Congress Participants

Film Screening

Free Evening for all Delegates or Film Screening (Popcorn and a Movie) at the Camerhogne Park. Delegates may purchase snacks or dinner from local vendors invited on site to facilitate and enhance the...
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CTO Press Conference

CTO Press conference where the highlights of the business meetings and results of the elections will be announced.

Active Engagement: Riding the Technological Wave

The rapid rise of technology is pushing the travel industry professionals to be ever more creative in the way they engage visitors and enhance the experience. Increasingly, artificial intelligence is...
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Amrita Gurney
J. Gregory Land (GREG)
Graham McKenzie
Oliver Gale
10:15 -10:30

Coffee Break

Spicing Up the Caribbean Brand

The Caribbean is known globally as a melting pot of cultures, traditions, peoples and heritage. While there are unmistakably common threads among our regional tourism products, every Caribbean destination strives...
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Honorable Alexandra Otway-Noel, MP
Andrea L. de Caires
Yvette Michelle LaCrette
Omar Kennedy

Sponsors Presentation & Luncheon for All Delegates

Sponsors Presentation in Crown Ballroom, followed by Buffet Luncheon for All Delegates.

Caribbean Tourism Youth Congress

National “Junior Ministers of Tourism” comprising students between the ages of 14-17 research various facets of the tourism sector and share their vision for the future direction of regional tourism,...
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Stakeholder’s Speak Out

While the State of the Industry Conference features a wide range of leading experts who share examples of successful practices from which we can learn, the people who have a...
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Patricia Maher, MBA
hugh riley
Hugh Riley
tony fraser
Tony Fraser
Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon

Wrap Up Session

Wrap Up Session – Conference Anchor

Farewell Function ~ All Delegates

Farewell function for all delegates.
08:30 - 17:00

Media & Post Conference Tours